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Notes from Larry:

I wish to thank those of you who come to this site even though I have been absent for quite some time. This site has a very important purpose. There is much to say and much to hear from all of you.

For those of you who might be wondering about m;y health, I am happy to report that I have fully recovered and am healthier and stronger then I have been in over 20 years. My health was not my reason for my absence. I just needed some time away and appreciate your understanding. I will, however, be back right after the New Year.

Please contact me at of you would like to participate. There is a lot happening and -
"Together We Can and Must Make A Difference".
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To Larry:

September 23, 2009

Email Delivery May End Soon

Email Delivery or Content - Unless we have a volunteer step forward to pay for our subscription to Constant Contact email software, this service will end soon. The fee is $50 per month. I don't mind paying for this, but since we have more than 1,500 people on our email list and very few volunteers, maybe folks really don't want to hear about Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Hank Paulson and the other Banksters. It's becoming apparent that we all want to complain about the situation, but very few want to do anything.

So unless we see a few $50 donations for Constant Contact, the email service will end when our current Constant Contact expires. If you are interested in helping, here is a PayPal link - $50 for one month -

$100 for two months -

$200 for four months -

If we receve more than four months of donations, we will prepay up to a year, and then we will either return your donation or ask if you would like to support one of the efforts below.

HELP - After seeing the millions that turned out for the Tea Parties, I find it hard to believe we can't put together a few dozen solid volunteers, whether it is one hour a week or a day a week.

Wake Up America - I've used that line quite a bit in the blogs and articles I was writing. Those three words sum it up. If you really want to sit back and tune into the TV instead of the reality of America falling apart, I guess you don't care about your kids or their kids.

Volunteers - We need a few people to proofread drafts, update blogs and general stuff that can be done whenever you have time. We also need a few volunteers to put out a daily email. It's easy . . . just cut and paste, then hit Send in our Constant Contact email program.

Contributors - If you can write, we would love to have a half a dozen or more people writing. If you can glean articles from newspapers and magazines, we need you to take excerpts and post them on our blogs, giving full credit to the original piece. It's easy and there are no time limits. If you have an hour a week, that's great. If you want to hire a volunteer or contributor, just let me know. We have dozens of college students that could use the extra money, and they would make great writers and volunteers.

Wake Up America - Go ahead and Google - Goldman Sachs, or Goldman Sachs Info, or Goldman Sachs Conspiracy or anything you would like. We now come up on the first page for just about any search you can do on Google. That means millions of people have seen and read our material. But we still only have a handful of volunteers. I can not longer do it, so if you are serious about doing something about the Raping of America by Goldman Sachs, Banksters and Politicians, either volunteer, contribute or donate.

We now have three 666 blogs and want to start a few more: - new - coming soon - coming soon - coming soon - coming soon

Warren Buffet and King Henry - I really wish I had the energy to do both of these right now. There is so much that has gone on with these two bums, that it could easily fill volumes. Do you remember last year when it slipped out that King Henry called Warren Buffet at home on a Sunday afternoon? Did you ever stop to think about the best deals King Henry gave out were to Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, American Express and GE . . . all of these are Warren Buffet companies. And there is so much more of this dirty, criminal activity.

Wake Up America - I don't know what else to say. If you can't volunteer, then donate and hire a volunteer. I do not take a penny of any donated funds. In fact, none of these funds even go through me. You will directly hire a volunteer or pay for our email service, websites, etc. It's that easy.

Donations: If you're ready to wake up and do something, here are some ideas and you can pay for any part of the Team Support below whether it is a day or a month. Just email or call me (772) 260-5448

1 - Pay for a month of our email service with Constant Contact - $50 a month

2 - Pay for a year of our domain names registered $140

3 - Pay for four hours of Web Designer time for updates and SEO at $200 for each four hour.

4 - Pay for a Hot Links volunteer who will put together related articles and email a links list out once a week. $400 a month for once a week $650 a month for twice a week or $900 a month for three times a week.

5 - Pay for a writer/contributor - $25 for each article that they glean from the media and assemble for our blog publication with an intro.

6 - Pay for editors to read and approve posts and comments. Right now we need one full time person. This would be $250 a week.

There are more needs, but let's see if we get any of those millions that were spending money and time at Tea Parties to help move our information along. Go ahead and Google - Goldman Sachs, and you will see how powerful our website it.

Mike Morgan - (772) 260-5448

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