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September 17, 2009

Obama and His Acorn Ties - Race Related

I find it interesting that Obama was fast to come out and chastise a white policeman who legally arrested Professor Gates . . . even before Obama had the facts. Here we have our President playing the race card when he boldly came out slamming the police, when as it turns out, it was his friends Professor Gates who was in the wrong. It was his friend who show disregard and disrespect for the system this country function on.

But now, with video tape after video tape coming out about Acorn, the President is silent. Not only was Obama an Acorn attorney, but he was elected with the help of what many believe to be voter fraud committed by Acorn in signing up voters.

And now, with allegations flying that Acorn has quotas to fill to put people in houses . . . they can't afford, the President is silent.

Me? I'm not a racist. Not even close. I attended Asbury Park High School during the race riots of 1969 and graduated from Asbury Park High School.

The President? I truly believe he is a racist. He doesn't have to say a thing. His actions speak louder than words. His plans speak louder than words.

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