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November 21, 2009

Final Bribes Are Paid

The Senate has voted to move forward with debate on the US taxpayer opposed health socialization bill.

The final two bribes were paid to Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln. We are not sure what the payoff to Lincoln was but we do know that Landrieu comes cheap. She sold herself out for a measly $100 million.

For all the drama, the result of the Saturday night showdown had been sealed a few hours earlier, when two final Democratic holdouts, Sens. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, announced they would join in clearing the way for a full debate.

"It is clear to me that doing nothing is not an option," said Landrieu, who won $100 million in the legislation to help her state pay the costs of health care for the poor.

Lincoln, who faces a tough re-election next year, said the evening vote will "mark the beginning of consideration of this bill by the U.S. Senate, not the end."

Both stressed they were not committing in advance to vote for the bill that ultimately emerges from next month's debate.

You would think that if Bill Clinton could get several million of Marc Rich's stolen dollars for a pardon, then Landrieu should have been able to work her bribe up considerably higher. Typical government incompetence, they can't even be bribed correctly. We are talking about trillions of dollars that the unions and progressives will be stealing here. Gosh, it's not even his own money that Reid is bribing her with, it's money that he is planning to steal from the taxpayers of this country.

Lets hope that one of these two Senators, or Lieberman, change their vote on the cloture motion to end debate.

Then again, who trusts Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi or Obama. They have made their intentions clear. They will pass this. They do not care what the public thinks or desires. They are better than we are. They know what is best for us. They can run an economy representing trillions of individual transactions every day better than the people making the transactions. They are super geniuses, although none has every held a job that requires results. How the least accomplished individuals in this country end up in power is just mind boggling. Not one of these individuals knows the first thing about how economics works. I doubt that have any background in or understanding of numbers. How could they? Everything they do is like someone telling us that two plus two equals ten.


  1. When is Obama going to change this?

    Janet Tavakoli Retracts Her Apology To Goldman Sachs, Calls For More
    Regulation Of The Government Backstopped Hedge Fund

    Goldman’s Turn to Apologize

    In light of the SIGTARP report, I withdraw my earlier apology to
    Goldman. Public commitments to AIG are currently around $182 billion.
    If you wonder what Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein meant when he said:
    “[Goldman Sachs] participated in things that were clearly wrong and we
    have reason to regret and we apologize for them,” think of Goldman’s
    role in AIG’s crisis, Goldman’s bailout, and Goldman’s ongoing heavy
    taxpayer subsidies. That way, one of you will be genuinely sorry about

  2. Obama and Hu Jintao

  3. The Most Recent Recipient Of Obama's Middle Class-Funded Generosity: Key Largo's Ocean Reef Club For The Mega Wealthy

    Yet it appears those who value a community that rewards their success and demand a rich and meaningful lifestyle, are just as interested in a lifestyle that is subsidized as much as possible by the US taxpayer. And lest these multi-millionaires actually have to pay to avoid walking on the club's numerous golf clubs, here comes Uncle Obama, dispersing helicopter Ben's worthless pieces of paper. We are certain that Club Car is doubly happy to rape the hundred or so remaining members of America's middle class who have yet to depart America with one way tickets for any other place (doesn't matter where) in the world.

  4. More inside ball coming up:

    Dimon Touted as Replacement for Geithner

    Jamie Dimon learned the business from Sandy Weil, one of the chief architects of the efforts of the Wall Street banks' campaign to overturn Glass-Steagall. He is also very smooth and politique, as opposed to Mr. Geithner who is in quite a bit of political trouble and not handling it with the gravitas mixed with detached joie de vivre expected in elite circles.

    As Treasury Secretary perhaps Jamie can help out his old firm with their 130 million ounce naked short in silver. Oops, the US Treasury is out of silver too.

  5. Maybe this is No Country For The Middle Class...

  6. Goldman's secret moral pathology
    15 symptoms of a Wall Street disease destroying democracy and capitalism

    The "Goldman Conspiracy" is the perfect B-school case study of Wall Street's secret contagious pathology, with insiders like Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Paulson and others pocketing billions more of the firm's profits than shareholders, evidence the new "mutant capitalism" has replaced Adam Smith's 1776 version which historically endowed the soul of American democracy as well as our capitalistic system.