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January 22, 2010

Barack Obama: The Change You Promised Is Happening

The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.Image via Wikipedia
"Change we can believe in", Obama's campaign slogan is beginning to come true, but with no thanks to him.

Change is happening because of the people - not the politics as usual - Obama's administration is operating under.  The recent election of Brown to the Senate in Massachusetts is a signal and one I am sure the Democrats are looking at very seriously.

Here is another indication of change which I believe is a result of the people which has instilled some fear into the halls of Congress. 
Opposition Grows Against Second Term for Bernanke by Sewell Chan as published in the New York Times
The confirmation of Ben S. Bernanke to a second four-year term as chairman of the Federal Reserve ran into further trouble on Friday as two more Democratic senators said they would vote against him.
Even Harry Reid is not sure how he will vote.  That's right, I said Harry Reid.  Another Democrat - Senator Barbara Boxer of California - who is up for re election this year - also is against reconfirming Bernanke.  She says;
she had “a lot of respect” for him and praised him for preventing the economic crisis from getting even worse. “However, it is time for a change,” she said. “It is time for Main Street to have a champion at the Fed.”“Our next Federal Reserve chairman must represent a clean break from the failed policies of the past,” (emphasis added)

“Our next Federal Reserve chairman must represent a clean break from the failed policies of the past,”
Democrats and Republicans alike (and they are so much alike) are making "change" a reality.  Why?  Because they are in fear of not being re elected to the best job with the best benefits this country has to offer.  They are suddenly in fear of the public and fear on their part is good.  As Thomas Jefferson said, "When the people fear the government there is tyranny; when the government fears the people there is liberty".
...opposition to Mr. Bernanke has emerged from both the left and the right, as anger has mounted over the Fed’s extraordinary interventions in the market in 2008 — which have been lumped together with the huge bailouts of big financial institutions — and over the perceived regulatory failings of the Fed in the years preceding the crisis.
Change, Mr. President, is happening but as I said earlier, no thanks to you.  It is apparent that somehow you, who ran as an outsider, became an insider very quickly.  I guess that when you took residency in "our" White House that someone gave you the rules of the road. But whoever that someone may be, the will of the people will eventually succeed.  We have let this cycle run for far too long, we are angry and we are beginning to do something about it. 

This economic crisis is probably just what the people needed as their wake up call.  We have watched our freedoms erode steadily for many years but we are awake, make no mistake about that.

The undercurrent of a bloodless revolt is certainly out there.  Even with the Supreme Courts ruling the other day allowing corporations to advertise - with unlimited or regulated amounts of money - the people will still prevail.  Corporatins and politicians alike - BEWARE.
Read the full article in the here

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  1. Lets see how serious they take the people or is everything for show?

    I think we're kidding ourselves...

    BEWARE Senators: The Public Says VOTE NO!!.html

  2. If Obama is serious these guys must be broken up...especially in light of the recent Supreme Court ruling:

    Goldman Sachs -the center of gravity-must be broken up!

  3. We should probably keep on alert for "false flag" events taking place to bring the FEAR back into the sheeple.

    Here's where we cannot falter. We cannot be afraid anymore of anything that they might do to us because sitting back and doing nothing is a sort of death and I would rather die fighting than sitting back and allowing elitist, criminal blowhards to control my every move for the rest of my life.

    We need to get the message out that WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THEM ANYMORE because from what I can see going on around me, we, the people, have moved past fear and are ready for action.

  4. These guys are the masters of distraction....while I'd like to believe they care...the benefits they garner for themselves and their friends through their positions prove otherwise:

    The people no longer have elected representatives; they have elected traitors.

    The enslavement of the American people has been orchestrated by a pernicious Master Class that has taken the United States by the throat. This Master Class is now choking the nation to death as it accelerates its master plan to plunder the people’s dwindling remaining assets. The Master Class comprises politicians, the Wall Street money elite, the Federal Reserve, high-end government (including military) officials, government lobbyists and their paymasters, military suppliers and media oligarchs. The interests and mindset of the Master Class are so totally divorced from those of the average American citizen that it is utterly tone deaf and blind to the justifiable rage sweeping the nation. Its guiding ethics of greed, plunder, power, control and violence are so alien to mainstream American culture and thought that the Master Class might as well be an enemy invader from Mars. But the Master Class here, it is real and it is laying waste to America. To the members of the Master Class, the people are not fellow-citizens; they are instruments of labor, servitude and profit. At first, the Master Class viewed the citizens as serfs; now that they have raped and destroyed the national economy, while in the process amassing unprecedented wealth and power for themselves, they see the people as nothing more than slaves.

    When the people said no to multi-trillion dollar crony bailouts for the bankers and insurers whose corruption had caused global financial mayhem, the government pledged to those elite insiders more than $13,000,000,000,000.00 ($13 trillion) of the people’s money anyway.

    When the people expressed astonishment and anger that Wall Street planned to pay itself record 2009 bonuses, in the midst of America’s worst-ever fiscal and financial crisis caused by them, Wall Street stuffed its pockets with taxpayer-supported bonus money anyway.

    When the people said no to a proposed $40,000,000,000.00 ($40 billion) bailout of AIG and its elite trading partners such as Goldman Sachs (an amount that subsequently exploded to $180,000,000,000.00+ ($180+ billion)), the Master Class went underground, covertly misappropriated taxpayer money and made the payoffs anyway.

    We Defy You.

    Governments that openly defy the people are either already totalitarian or in the process of becoming so. Monetarily, the United States clearly functions as a totalitarian dictatorship already, with a Federal Reserve that operates in secrecy, creates limitless amounts of debt and currency at will, and showers trillions of dollars upon favored Master Class insiders with zero transparency or accountability whatsoever. The Federal Reserve is so shameless about its dictatorial powers that it flatly refuses to provide details about multi-trillion dollar bailouts and rescues of privileged elites, in open defiance of Congress and the people. The fact that they get away with these blatant acts of defiance demonstrates the true extent of the Master Class chokehold on America.

    The last thing the Master Class wants is for the people to understand the disastrous state of the nation’s finances. Master Class brainwashing tells the people that it is “negative” and “pessimistic” to look at the facts, despite the fact that psychological health is characterized by the ability to identify and deal with reality. The Master Class wants the people to put on Bozo the Clown happy faces and let sugar plums and green shoots dance in their brains as they write one check after another to pay for Cap and Trade, nationalized health care, and a mind-numbing assortment of other taxes and fees.

  5. Creating conditions for failure

    Let me make it clear. There will always be booms and busts. That’s the nature of capitalism. That’s the process of creative destruction. That can’t be changed and trying to change it would transform our society from a capitalist one to a socialist one that obviously would reduce booms and busts because the booms would disappear. What can’t happen is that each time we have a bust the taxpayers get the bill while some fat bankers keep ripping huge bonus. We must try to escape the easy intuitive route of regulating everything but at the same time we need to create conditions for failure.