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February 3, 2010

Barack Obama: Listen To What The People Want

Mr. President:

You were elected by the people to serve the people not the selfish and destructive elements on Wall Street.  The people live on Main Street where over 18 million homes sit vacant due to foreclosures.  Foreclosures not because of abuse or loan misuse but by virtue of unemployment and underemployment caused by Wall Street.

Yes, the blame is evident, the admissions to the cause of Main Street's problems verbalized by many, including yourself.

I believe you have let the American people down while propping up the "fat cat" banksters who continue to destroy the American way of life.

Your stimulus package is too late and too little to make any short term impact on those of us out here on the street.  The hungry and homeless - hidden from the general public and never reported on by the media - need help now.  The many who will soon join those ranks need your help now.  The country needs your help now.

If anyone is "too big to fail" we, the people  - who are this country - and who vote you all into office to work for us - are too big to fail.  If we all go broke and all become homeless would this country exist with just the "elite" you helped prosper?

We are living, breathing human beings not created entities made of paper who do not need housing or food to exist.  You were quick to act on the disaster in Haiti - a much needed action by you and our country.  It proves to me that when money is needed for an effort, it appears almost overnight except for those of us who live here.

Wall Street created our disaster which affects many more then is affected in Haiti.  You should declare the U.S. a disaster area (excluding Wall Street) and begin to pour aid in the way of food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless and money with which to rebuild our own lives.

Pour aid into small business, let them create goods and services and jobs.  Create a foreclosure relief fund and most of all feed our hungry children.

Break down the dynasties that exist in our country, be they political or corporate.  Truly return the government to the people with action not rhetoric.  "Change We Can Believe In" is change we can see and experience.  

Expose, if you dare or care, the underbelly of this government that rules us.  The corporate conspirators that conspire and aspire to control it all.  Open up the Federal Reserve to audit and disclosure so that we know who the owners are and what they are doing with the money they create and make from us in the form of interest which much of our tax dollars go to.  Give the power of our money back to us and into the hands of a Treasury Department run not by "one of those".

Free this country from the slavery we - on Main Street - are all victim to.  Abolish the "ruling" class and re establish the middle class.  In a country as great and mighty as ours, there should be no poor (homeless and hungry).

There will always be an upper class - the rich - but let them become rich through the fruits of their labor, imagination and creativity not by robbing the rest of us.  I don't advocate robbing from the rich to give to the poor, but curtail and punish those in the "elite" class so they can no longer rape, pillage and plunder the population at large and at will.

Bring back the usury laws so that the "too big to fail" banksters can no longer charge annual rates of interest of over 30%.  Eighteen percent worked so very well for so many years and even then most rates were not in the double digit category.  The banks were solvent and profitable then.  Wall Street was working well and profiting as well.

Look around you at some of the people you have surrounded yourself with.  Some don't have either your best interest in mind nor the interest of the American people.  There are many people well qualified to surround yourself with that have no ties to the old establishment.  Mr. President,  close the revolving door.

Mr. President, there are things you can do now.  You have the power and the power of executive order.  Use your power for the good of the people.

If political futures are not important - and they are not - then use your next three guaranteed years too truly make the "Change" we can believe in.  It might even get you four more years if you do.

Listen to the people.  They are speaking very loudly.  I am sure you can hear them.  Some voices are below.
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  1. President Obama could your administration at least verify if the servicers are playing proper ball?


    Wish someone from GOV'T help out?

    Anyone having problems with AURORA LOAN SERVICES?

    You are not alone...

    Here is a lady who has started a class action suit please get in touch with her. We are having all the same problems.

    Read the comments.scroll down.....they string you along as they take your payments:

  2. Keep twiddling your thumbs and more and more get flushed...thanks for the election maybe bush will run as your vp or vice versa..

    No Help in Sight, More Homeowners Walk Away

    After three years of plunging real estate values, after the bailouts of the bankers and the revival of their million-dollar bonuses, after the Obama administration’s loan modification plan raised the expectations of many but satisfied only a few, a large group of distressed homeowners is wondering the same thing.

  3. All the president's men
    Should change begin here?

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Too many people have already lost their jobs, but there's a few more that should probably be seeking new employment. In the face of the growing debacle in the White House, it's becoming clear that some top advisors are not performing very well.

    One of the biggest problems, though, as this column has maintained from the start, is the economic team. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has been a liability from the beginning and now has become a virtual albatross around Obama's neck. Why the president feels he has to be loyal to this compromised Republican-turned-independent is baffling.

    The sham programs adopted to protect bank executives (think stress tests), the steadfast opposition to any real bank reform, the loan modification programs that hardly helped anyone, the much-ballyhooed public-private investment program to remove toxic assets that has sunk into well-deserved oblivion - all these can be laid at Geithner's feet.

  4. Obama and crew are not listening!

    The people have to work with each other!

    We have to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee...

    Wednesday, February 3, 2010 Open House – Now through Sunday!

  5. Damn its like they want to crush the masses..

    As for its designated task in promoting price stability, the Fed’s easy-credit bubble has made asset-price inflation the path to wealth, not tangible capital investment. This has brought joy to bank marketing departments as homeowners, consumers, corporate raiders, states and localities run further and further into debt in an attempt to improve their position by debt leveraging. But the economy has all but neglected its industrial base and the employment goes with manufacturing. The Fed’s motto from Bubblemeister Alan Greenspan to Ben Bernanke has been “Asset-price inflation, good; wage and commodity price inflation, bad.”

    Obama supports Bernanke and his State of the Union address conspicuously avoided endorsing the Consumer Financial Products Agency that he earlier had claimed would be the centerpiece of financial reform. Wall Street lobbyists have turned him around. Their logic was the same mantra that Connecticut insurance industry’s Sen. Chris Dodd repeated at the confirmation hearings: Bernanke has “saved the economy.”

  6. Real people, real life....Obama...remember those days or does green$ erase your memory?

    Loan modification rules meet with skepticism
    Homeowners say rules won't help much

    Some borrowers have received modifications only to have the offer rescinded later.

    Jeffery Feig, of Sarasota, sought a modification for five months and was approved last March. His payment was cut in half, but Bank of America called two months later to say it changed its mind. The only explanation was that he hadn't sent necessary financial paperwork, something he disputes.

    "They wouldn't have approved me in the first place if they had not received all the paperwork," Feig said. "Since then, I've sent the paperwork again, and my attorney has sent the paperwork. They always say they didn't receive it."

    In Tampa, Jeff Kops said his lender, also Bank of America, sent him a loan modification packet offering a lower payment. He agreed, sent the paperwork back and started paying the lower amount. But a few months later, the bank said it could no longer honor the modification because of a problem with the notary on the paperwork.

    Kops said the lender looked at the paperwork again and offered him a monthly payment that was $500 higher than the previous offer.

    Anthony DiMarco, an executive vice president at the Florida Bankers Association, said lenders want to help borrowers avoid foreclosure but that they are overwhelmed and are "learning as they go along."

    Homeowner Rachelle Roach, of Carrollwood, isn't as optimistic. She said she's thankful that the government is taking a closer look at the modification program's failures but doesn't think the new changes will help borrowers like her.

    Roach tried to modify her loan with Well Fargo last year and said it was a "paperwork nightmare." She said the bank always ended up misplacing paperwork, requesting more and then denying her requests.

    Roach lost her job as a nutritionist and now makes less than half her former salary. Her home is now worth less than half what she paid in 2006. She said she's depleted her savings and sold some of her belongings to pay mortgage payments.

    "I was rejected twice, and I think it's because I'm not behind on my mortgage," she said. "I'm being penalized for trying to do the right thing. This is why so many people just walk away."

  7. Re: Loan Modifications
    This is a good comment and a topic I write about on my other site TheForeclsoureDetonatorFORUM which can be found at

    The real issue and problem with all the modification programs and PROPAGANDA including Obama's HAMP program and his new proposals is that the banks have no real incentive or DESIRE to modify your loan - even it will keep you current and in posesion.

    The banks WANT YOUR HOUSE. It is part of the transfer of wealth. The comments made by the previous commenter tells the story of millions. Attempts to modify, banks who continually lose the paperwork sent to them, telling you that you qualify only to find out months later that you don't (usually with no reason given). They also tell everyone that you must be at least 3 months past due in order to qualify so many people stop making their payments only to find out they have been put into foreclosure.

    THIS IS A SCAM. Another scam by the banksters to steal more wealth.

    The link to the comment is a good read and is just one story of thousands over the past two years that are all the same.

    Obama is not listening to the people, he is listening to the banksters.

    Remember, the banks have been paid for your loan and they don't own your mortgage note.

    More on this continuing story in my other website.

  8. This administration is a complete joke...if young people did everything they could to get him elected...they should put the same vigor into making sure he or any of his advisors aren't near a winning ticket in our life times.

    Keep smiling and thinking of your bank account Obama!

    You could solve this don't want would cost nothing like the banker bonuses you condoned...and you know it!

    Mortgage Company Adds to Family's Hardship

    Pennsylvania homeowners Margaret and John Krenitsky were hit with some tough news. John was laid off and Margaret learned she was living with a brain tumor. Most of us, myself included, would think that's enough for any family to deal with --but Margaret would tell you that's simply not the case. Their stress levels would continue to rise, as would their hardships, caused by accounting errors, misinformation and mishandling of their mortgage held with Chase Financial.

    Margaret and John's difficulties highlight the struggles homeowners continue to face when forced to deal with big financial institutions who appear to compound problems by neglecting their duties and their customers. The Krenitsky's, like many of us, hope that by writing about these wrongs-someone will be inspired to help right them.

  9. Can't help with average guys payments but has money for this...did anyone ever think maybe more modifications would occur if the government just walked from the real estate market en mass...then re negotiations might occur for homeowner?

    Obama’s $6.3 Trillion Scam Is America’s Shame: Jonathan Weil
    Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Look through President Barack Obama’s proposed 2011 budget, and you’ll see a line calling for a $235 million increase in the Justice Department’s funding to fight financial fraud. Lucky for them, the people who wrote the budget can’t be prosecuted for cooking the government’s books.

    Whether on Wall Street or in Washington, the biggest frauds often are the perfectly legal ones hidden in broad daylight. And in terms of dollars, it would be hard to top the accounting scam that Obama’s budget wonks are trying to pull off now.

    The ploy here is simple. They are keeping Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac off the government’s balance sheet and out of the federal budget, along with their $1.6 trillion of corporate debt and $4.7 trillion of mortgage obligations.

  10. Does anyone from here email the white house? They should send this..

    Derivative Fraud? Where Are OUR Cops?

    Where does it end in this country folks? There's more than enough evidence that "a river (of corruption) runs through it" - "it", of course, being our economic and banking system. Look at the update this morning out of "Biggovernment" related to the story I discussed yesterday with the AIG "takeunder" by The NY Fed:

    The FRBNY wanted more than just a standard debt deal; it wanted absolute control and ownership of AIG. But, it was illegal for the FRBNY to hold equity and the Treasury Dept. did not yet have the legislative authority, later granted under EESA, to do so. But this didn’t stop then-President Geithner or his general counsel Thomas Baxter. They crafted the AIG Trust to accomplish the same goal. But the Trust was transparently invalid and illegal for two fundamental reasons: One, the FED maintained absolute control over the Trust’s existence, its terms, and the Trustees through Section 1.03 of the Trust Agreement. This, as we explain in our Response papers attached, invalidates the trust; yet the government continues to speak about this as an “independent” Trust.

    That's a raw allegation of unlawful conduct, coming from a bar-admitted attorney.


  11. Listen to John Perkins

    Starts @ 14 minutes....sounds like we were hoodwinked!

  12. This is the man that should have won the Presidency...not this sell out Obama(ination):

  13. Hey Obama and team how does this exactly help anyone experiencing problems making their payments when being underemployed on their primary residence?
    I mean if you want to steal for your friends and your friends alone why play games with people ...just tell them to flip off...oh I forgot that's exactly what your doing...

    Why The IRS Is About To Set Off A New Wave Of Jinglemail

  14. Candidate Obama vs. President Obama: Change We Can Believe In?

  15. Listened to your speech this morning President Obama...not can talk about frustration and crisis and change all you want...YOU HAVE NOT DELIVERED ON YOUR PROMISES

    You were a little forceful at the end of your speech...was that forceful enough for you?

    Kaptur Exposes Tim 'Goldman Sachs' Geithner

  16. Didn't you say lobbyist spending has gone down since your term began?...not so according to Gillespie:

    February 5, 2010
    Libertarian journalist Nick Gillespie and legal scholar Lawrence Lessig discuss public financing of campaigns and the effects of money on politics.

  17. Why won't you hear her? Oh the $ did not flow thru the proper channels, I guess?

    February 5, 2010
    Pediatrician Margaret Flowers speaks about protesting for change and her recent arrest in an effort to get a Medicare-for-all plan back on the table.

  18. Everybody's been talking about that Republican retreat last weekend, where President Obama engaged his opponents in a give and take. But what you may not know is that it was organized by something called the Congressional Institute. Nice highfalutin civic bunch, you might deduce from its name. Turns out the Congressional Institute is funded by corporate contributions and run by top Republican lobbyists. There are fourteen members on its board--twelve are registered lobbyists. And the contributors to the Congressional Institute read like a who's who of corporate America. Among its benefactors have been General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Time Warner, UPS. The institute's chairman lobbies for among others, Goldman Sachs, B.P., Health Net and AHIP. That's the trade group for the health insurance industry that fought tooth and nail against the public option and brought the White House to its knees.