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February 9, 2010

Barack Obama Would Never Listen to Ron Paul...But We Should

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This small clip just a little over 4 minutes says quite a bit.  Like Ron Paul or not, I think he sees or maybe knows things he is trying to tell us.  He doesn't sound like a Republican, certainly not like a Democrat and most of all not like any other major politician.  Some sluff him off, think he is crazy or out there somewhere.  But maybe, just maybe, he is trying to tell us something.  One thing for sure, he has the guts to stand up and not follow the party line or the business as usual political rhetoric..

Listen to what he has to say.  I hear some things worth paying attention to. 

Your thoughts?
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  1. I think there is a 99 % probability...its Robin Hood in reverse!

    The Devaluation and Fight for Survival of the American Middle Class – How Three Decades has Shifted the Concentration of Financial Wealth to the top 1 Percent.

    If this group can stay focused maybe they will get somewhere?

  2. Alan Grayson wants to know who's accountable?

  3. You want to see hoew frustrated people are? Look at this guy:
    MadInPVBFL: (February 11, 2010 5:15am)
    I missed my Oct payment with OWB. On Nov 17th they told me to pay up by Dec 18th or else. I wrote to them and said I wouldn't be able to pay until after the new year. On Jan 15th I called to make the late payments. I owed them $4564 for 4 payments. They told me my reinstatement amount was now $11,332 because they added Attorney fees, etc!! I owe them $153K and my house is worth about $230K. They refuse to remove the attorney fees and won't accept anything less than the full amount of $11K! I spoke to and she referred me to escalation specialist who offered me a repayment plan but the plan still included the additional fees which I can't afford to pay! OWB cannot find my original note because it has been lost or destroyed. If they foreclose on me, is it true that someone can come along later with the original note and sue me again?

    So Obama's policies pull this guy down into a hole so deep he's done. BUT, the bank/hedge fund/investor/servicer gets to keep this money? Why don't you just find a wall...line up all the people that are a little late on some payments and just put them in front of a firing squad...whats a matter that's not politically correct? same outcome....Nice job...change?...yeah we could use one!

  4. Clueless

    And at the very least, you would think that Obama would understand the importance of acknowledging public anger over what’s happening.

    But no. If the Bloomberg story is to be believed, Obama thinks his key to electoral success is to trumpet “the influence corporate leaders have had on his economic policies.”

    We’re doomed.

  5. Maybe he could start listening to people that got him elected?

    MoveOn Hits Obama For Bonus Remarks, Dem Senator Announces Bank Bonus Tax

    Citing athletic salaries is part of the standard rhetoric used by conservatives and the super-wealthy to justify exorbitant salaries. As surprising as it was to hear the rhetoric from Obama, noted that there's a major difference between bankers and well-paid athletes: the bankers were bailed out with taxpayer dollars after they nearly brought the global financial system to the ground.

    "There's one big problem: Every cent of bonus money Goldman Sachs has paid out in the last year belongs to taxpayers. That's because of huge taxpayer supports -- including $12.9 billion of bailout money funneled directly to Goldman through AIG -- none of which they have any intention of paying back," MoveOn writes in an email being sent to members Friday. "The fact is, the American people do begrudge wealth when it's taken directly out of their pockets. And 'savvy' doesn't accurately describe a businessman who brought the world economy to the edge of collapse."