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March 23, 2010

Barack Obama and Health Care Reform

Health care for all protest outside health ins...Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr
It looks like Health Care Reform is on its way = or is it?  The House has passed the bill and the Senate will as well and Obama will sign it.  That much we all know.  But do we all know what is really in those 2000 pages? 

Depending on who you talk to or listen to the interpretations are different.  I have read and listened and I still don't now what it is all (2000 pages) about.  All I seem to know for sure is that if you don't buy health insurance you will get fined by "your" government who is looking out for your best interest.  Uh huh? 

I think I now something else.  If you are currently uninsurable, you will have to wait until sometime in 2014 to purchase your health coverage.  I am uninsurable currently - I hope I live long enough to qualify.

There is something else I am not sure I understand.  Somehow "they" - those economically savvy politicians are going to trim some large figure in the billions of dollars from Medicare.  What I don't know is how.  Are they going to actually oversee costs, abuse and spending or are they just going to cut benefits.  Knowing our fiscally responsible politicians I have to believe that cutting benefits is how they plan to do it.  They would step on too many toes if they were to actually monitor spending and costs.  That could cost them all money individually not to mention their campaign contributions.  Oh well, soon I will be eligible for medicare but what benefits will I be getting?

This is being called the single most important piece of legislation in recent history.  Important to who?  Will it really change our health care, make it better, more available and more affordable?  Will insurance premiums go down, stay the same or go up?  They will probably go up for the insurance industry has no conscience and operates on greed much like our financial institutions.  In fact, the insuracne companies are really financial institutions.  What do you think they do with all that premium they collect? 

Is anyone going to publish "Cliff Notes" on this bill?  Probably not - Cliff would have to read the whole thing.  Why should he, most of the Congressmen and women and Senators probably have not read it either.  I'd be willing to bet that even President Obama has not read it at all.  But I am sure that "Cliff" relayed parts of it to him - just the parts he wanted that he could use to sell it to us.

I have a question, maybe someone out there can answer.  Has anyone read this entire bill?  And who or how many actually participated in writing it?  Who wrote what parts?

Isn't Democracy grand when you have your elected representatives vote on something on your behalf whether you want it or not and vote on something they have not read in full. 

I call this a Dictatorial Democracy.  We are fooled into thinking that we have a say and that "we the people" are in control when in reality, we are dictated to every step of the way.  Well, "they" say it is for our own good. 

Let me hear your comments and opinions on our new Health Care Reform Program.
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1 comment:

  1. What I would like to say is why not put this bill to a real vote of Americans because I am not insured and dont plan on getting insurance so I would rather move elsewhere than live in a country that will fine you for not having health insurance SCREW THAT! Either insure everyone equally or let it be what it is you DUMBASS that somehow got elected