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April 12, 2010

Barack Obama: The Fed Corner - "The Con"

We have all been suckered into what I have always said is the greatest scam the world has ever seen.  I wrote about it this year, last year and the year before.  I've called for public outrage against the actions of our banking system, The Federal Reserve - which must be shut down - and our very own Federal Governemnt.  What happened and what is still happening is just plain criminal.  Not just wrong but criminal.

Dylan Ratigan of MSNBC explains this crime again.  Listen to both parts.  If we ever want our country back and if we ever want justice then we must listen and take action.  We are slowly letting domestic "evil" forces take over our lives.   Democracy and Freedonm are slowly but now more rapidly disappearing.  Capitalism too has been hijacked and has turned into one of those much feared "isms" like in Socialism, Communism, Facism, Totalitarianism - all "isms" that work against the people.  WAKE UP AMERICA.




  1. People are done..the joke was good for some billions plus for the insiders....Obama's reputation is done but he and his staff will move forward nicely ala Tony Blair style via JPM consultancy. The Republicans act like their going to save us but choosing them is like grabbing the shovel from your assassin to dig your own grave. Nothing has been done...trying to get something done is like trying to find a corner in a round room. Over time it makes you nauseous.

    HAMP has ended up serving as a means for banks to suck billions of dollars out of homeowners. According to Treasury reports, 160,000 homeowners have been helped in one form or another, but in many cases a $20 reduction in monthly payments counts as a successful modification. Does that sound like the difference between making a payment and not? I don’t think so. Plus, often times the principal has been increased by adding arbitrary fees and charges to the original amount of the loan on properties whose values have drastically decreased. That’s the direct opposite of what the program is intended to address!

    HAMP’s promise had borrowers flocking to their mortgage servicing companies requesting an application. They had no idea what they were about to face: run-arounds, massive headaches and, in the end, broken promises, crushed hopes and destroyed credit. Months down the road, with still no relief, some found they were now in worse shape than they were when they set out to find out if they qualified.

  2. How did Big Finance grow so powerful that its hijinks nearly brought down the global economy – and what hope is there for real reform with Washington politicians on Wall Street's payroll?

  3. Jailed Whistleblower: US Lawmakers Held Offshore UBS Accounts

    Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez discusses his interview with UBS whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld one day after Birkenfield’s Tax Day clemency request to President Obama.

  4. 19 April 2010
    The US Financial Media Does Not Disappoint, But Obama Probably Will

  5. A Patriot's Day Call To Arms
    Our government is in a position to grant access to a vast pool of information that could answer so many questions about why all our money was taken. But flush with money from these potentially fraudulent institutions, politicians have systematically gutted the very people charged with investigating these crimes.

    As a final insult, they provide 23.7 trillion in direct and implied support for these bankers to keep bonusing themselves billions, yet offer a paltry 0.0000003% of that amount to investigate how this incredibly un-American event happened in the first place.