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September 7, 2009

Obama Administration Fears Banking Panic if Bankster Story is Told

Judge Preska Takes on Obama - On August 24th a brave judge in Manhatten ruled against the central bank. Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ruled that the Federal Reserve must identify the companies in its emergency lending programs crafted by King Henry and Prince KaKa Kashkari, Goldman Sachs' implants. As you know, the Fed has blatantly refused to name names, even though it is our money and this is the United States of America . . . not The Kingdom of Paulson or the Land of Goldman Sachs.

Warren Buffet Joins the Banksters Team - I seriously doubt we will ever see the light of day of where the money went. If we do, you will probably be shocked at how much went directly to Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Warren Buffet Related Companies, and then indirectly to and through subsidiaries, affiliations, banking relationships, fees, consulting contracts, clients and an entire cast of Banksters, Gangsters and Pranksters.

Bloomberg News filed suit on November 7th, and it took this long for justice to prevail, on an issue that politicians have been grandstanding about for months.

Sadly, even Bloomberg News will have to give into the pressure of Goldman Sachs, Warren Buffeet, Jeff Immelt, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank and none other than King Obamba.

Wake Up America! What's next?

I'll tell you what's next . . . an appeal, because the government is concerned the details of what King Henry and Prince KaKa Kashkari have done would spark a panic.

Tell me why something as simply as one of our basic rights took 10 months and millions upon millions of dollars in legal fees to resolve? I only have one thing to close with . . .

Wake Up America . . . the Banksters are raping you while you watch Reality TV and stuff your faces with cookies and pizza.

If you're interested in being a contributor to this blog or or or , email me Otherwise, grab another beer and a bag of cheetos, put the TV on John & Kate and Atlanta Housewives and ignore the reality that's going to turn your lives upside down.

1 comment:

  1. Below is from my podcast page:

    This is how serious I think it's gotten. I really truly believe we have to move past blogging.

    In the best tradition of Ghandi and Martin Luther King, it is time for peaceful civil disobedience. Form lines, join hands, do not let the banksters, the Fed and Wall Street in the doors. The Congress will not help us nor will the President. The American people are going to have to tear down these institutions with our bare hands, before these institutions tear down us. Who would willingly let a robber come into his home? Yet everyday these people walk in the door of their crime syndicates, is another day they bleed dry the American people. We have to step up, step forward, and physically dismantle these syndicates.