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October 16, 2009

Commies, Commies Everywere

Since we know nothing about our President and what he believes in, other than "Hope and Change," we should probably keep a close eye on the people he hires and surrounds himself with. Sure he has a Cabinet, but none of those people appear to be his real go to guys. They seem to be the face for public consumption. You know, your usual loser with a suit, attorney, hair that does not move. The Democratic form of a Republican.

However, lets take a look at his people. The ones he brought into the fold from outside Congress and puts in positions that do not require Senate approval. These are his true compatriots. Glenn Beck has done an incredible job at exposing these losers and the American public owes him a great deal of gratitude.

Anita Dunn is the latest casualty of her own words. The state run media is never going to show you this, but fortunately Beck has a mole in the Democratic party that is one of the few Democrats with enough integrity to see that their party has been overtaken by Marxists. In the clip below this mental midget tells high school students that her favorite philosopher is none other than the cute and cuddly Mao Tse-Tung.

First Van "Red" Jones and now this clown. Just more proof that the one core belief out of this administration is that of wealth redistribution. Don't take my word for it, just listen to what they have to say. When they think no one is listening they let their true beliefs known. They tell us they had no idea Jones was a radical communist but then we see video of Valerie Jarrett explaining to an audience that she has been tracking Jones' career since his early days in Oakland.

What the heck was Dunn doing speaking to high school students? Who invited her? Was the gas station attendant down the street busy? Just another one of the Obama minions that has accomplished nothing in her life. Oh, she worked for elitist tax cheat Tom Daschel. Take a look at her endless list of accomplishments that did not require her paycheck to be signed by the government and required her to actually produce something. How is this woman Communications Director? She can't even speak. Is she chewing on something this entire speech? And talk about annoying whining, it's unbearable. She did train Robert Gibbs though, which of course must be like training a monkey to do tricks.

It is the same story over and over again. This administration is filled with people whose sole accomplishments in life are holding radical ideas. The government steals the taxpayers' money and spreads it around to give idiots like this jobs for their entire lives. They provide nothing to our society, they are just parasites that live off the production and hard work of others. It's welfare for the supposed intellectuals.

Lets get this straight, this is a free country, you have the right to be a complete moron and expound communist ideas. However, if those are your ideas you should not be working for the President of the United States of America and one would hope that the leader of the free world would do whatever he could to root the communists out of his administration, but instead he knowingly invites them in.

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