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October 13, 2009

Obama and SEIU, the Purple Shirt Thugs

For those of you unaware of Obama's close ties to the union thugs of this country please take a look at this video at

This is the same union that spent tens of millions of dollars getting Obama elected. How much of this money came from the American taxpayer? Remember, this is the same union that has a seat at the White House table. The same union whose executives have been hired to work in the White House. The same union that is intricately involved in crafting health care reform. The same union that sent its thugs out to beat up citizens who were exercising their freedom of speech at town hall meetings.

Michelle Malkin has written a lot on the purple Mob. Her latest post concerns SEIU taking over home health care providers. They want anyone who stays home to take care of their sick or handicapped family members to be forced to join SEIU and pay union dues. This is how Obama and his fascist wing pay back the unions. Obama takes union money to win elections and then steals the citizens' money and gives it to SEIU.

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