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November 16, 2009

71 Car Motorcade

Via Drudge: Obama's 71 Car Motorcade.

It's all about Obama. 71 cars filled with cronies and hangers on. Just like every single bill out of CONgress, this is all about rewarding their friends and supporters. They are the elite, they live the life of limos, private planes, motorcades, secret service protection, while we the people pay for it.

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  1. Week of 11.13.09
    Elizabeth Warren on the Economy
    Stocks are up, but so is unemployment. What's wrong with this economic picture and what's being done about it?

    What exactly is going on with the economy? Stocks are up and big bonuses are back, but while they're throwing parties on Wall Street, there's pain on Main Street. One out of every six workers is unemployed or underemployed, according to government statistics - the highest figure since the Great Depression.