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November 18, 2009

Our China Problem

After a fantastic Open Letter to The Chinese Premier that appeared yesterday, Karl Denninger posts a wonderful Open Letter To President Obama today.

You could have made quite a splash over there in China - and made a difference for all Americans. But instead, you did nothing of the sort - you simply continued the sell-out that has been going on for the last two decades in the so-called "strong relationship" between China and America.

That "strength" has included selling China advanced radar technology allowing them to shortcut 20 years of development time off their ICBM targeting, making their nuclear weapons far more lethal to potential targets - including targets in the United States. It has included turning a blind eye to the blatant and outrageous technology rip-offs that go on over in that nation every day. You won't see them because your Presidential Motorcade will never be allowed in the street markets found all over the nation, but if you were, you'd see literal millions of unlawfully-made copies of US-created software and music sold openly while the cops stand by to protect the vendors instead of enforcing internationally-agreed to laws that the Chinese pay only lip service to. And it has included granting virtually tariff-free "trading" status to a nation that forces poor farmers off their land and into sweatshop factories, away from their families where they are paid a buck a day in US equivalent wages, turning out products for sale in the US.

And let's not forget who these companies are. They're the WalMarts, Apples and Nikes of the world - many of them huge American firms. Oh not directly - that would bring these firms under US labor and regulatory stricture. No, they're "independent companies" owned by Chinese slave-drivers who instruct their employees to lie when the "auditors" from WalMart and Apple show up, telling them to a single employee that they're "complying" with reasonable wage and hour laws under penalty of losing their job, being blacklisted forever and literally starving to death. Since there are no whistleblower protections in China (it is, after all, a Communist government) the big US companies can claim to be "responsible" while in the background you hear the slave-driver's whip crack - and everyone smiles (except the Chinese worker who is being outrageously exploited.)

You ought to know something about this, given your heritage. Kenya featured prominently in the global slave trade until the British put a stop to it. There's nothing like a bit of history to screw up the revisionism that finds its way into American Politics, is there?

Read the entire piece. Karl is one of the few gems out there who is putting all the pieces together in a simple and easy to understand way.

Karl also links to these horrific images from China.

It's easy to produce cheap products when you don't have to spend overhead on things like environmental controls or worker safety. The next time you are at Walmart buying some cheap Chinese piece of crap, remember that the couple of bucks you save goes to create destruction like this. Follow the link to more images of the effect the pollution has on the kids.

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  1. Letter to the Editors of The Wall Street Journal
    Catherine and News & Commentary,
    November 17, 2009 at 10:11 pm