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September 17, 2010

Barack Obama: End The Fed, A Revisit by Ron Paul on Dylan Ratigan's Show

Ron Paul: The Fed Works In Collusion With Goldman Sachs (MSNBC Ratigan Video) 

Yes, this is an old braodcast of Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC but with the economy worsening, the poverty rate counting over 43 million people, the foreclosure rate the highest last month since the mortgage crisis began (over 95,000 homes in August) and the jobless situation not getting any better, I thought it appropriate to re post this broadcast. 

The Fed "is our enemy".  The Fed is the "they" everyone always refers to.  The Fed is in control of our daily lives and existence.  WE MUST END THE FED and support Ron Paul in his efforts to do so.

Watch and listen carefully.



  1. There is a fine article about the rats leaving the Obama ship now that things aren't going so well.

    Read the article by Dave Lindorff here:

  2. Sunday, September 19, 2010
    Warren PR Push Intensifies as Evidence Against Her Succeeding Mounts

    It is increasingly evident that the appointment of Elizabeth Warren to act as special advisor to the President and Treasury for the newly-established Consumer Financial Protection Agency has everything to do with Obama trying to shore up his questionable credentials as a reformer and perilous little with helping ordinary citizens. So the only question that remains is whether her appointment in a peculiar interim role will nevertheless result in a more forceful, effective consumer watchdog.

  3. How To Resolve The Foreclosure Mess

    This is how we should resolve this.

    * For each and every loan that was not properly conveyed into the MBS trusts and cannot be proved to have been properly conveyed, the purchasers of such MBS have every right to sue the banks that created these MBS for fraud. They received a representation and warranty that the deeds and notes were taken in good recordable form. They were not. This is fraud - period - which entitles them to force the bank involved to either fix the problem (if it can) or buy back the MBS at par. They should immediately do so.

    * For each and every loan that was not properly conveyed into the trust the net effect is that the mortgage (deed) and note have been split. This is a permanent deficiency. The buyer of the home therefore has title and he paid with an unsecured loan.

  4. Courts in session....anyone guilty of a crime...go the rest of you....cope with it!

    Change you can buy!

    GMAC Mortgage Now Blames Eviction Halt On "Technical Defect", Says It Meant No "Disrespect" To US Judicial System

    No, alleged theft and unprecedented crime at never before seen levels, certainly mean no disrespected to the US judicial process. After all, who has any respect for that institution anyway? Let's not forget that in two months the SCOTUS will side with the Federal Reserve in the Pittman case, thereby eliminating any threat that someone who misappropriates hundreds of billions of "other people's money" based on a "technical defect" will ever have any (dis)respect for American laws. Also, let's not forget that the earlier finding of Court Fraud was targeted at JPM/WaMu, we are not sure why GMAC is suddenly so defensive.