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I wish to thank those of you who come to this site even though I have been absent for quite some time. This site has a very important purpose. There is much to say and much to hear from all of you.

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September 17, 2010

Barack Obama: Listen To What George Carlin Had To Say

Last Words (book)Image via WikipediaYes, George Carlin,I always considered one of the greatest comedians ever became more and more politically outspoken as he grew older.  He made statements and observations that were right on target and had he lived longer he would have seen he was right.

This clip was published by The Daily Bail and I wish to thank them for making us aware of it.  They also  give us 4 more of Carlin's videos to view - all of whihc also make sense.  To view The Daily here.
The Daily Bail call this a MUST SEE video and I fully agree with them.

The Truth About Wall Street And Washington (MUST SEE) »

WARNING:  This video contains profanity and viewers should be warned that the content may not be suitable for minors.

Now, George Carlin's "The American Dream".
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