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March 20, 2010

BarackObama666 Site New Look

It's mostly done...just a little more to go.  Hope you are enjoying it.
We are updating and changing the look on all of our 666 sites.  Our hope is to make it easier for you to view and maneuver through. 

This site is still under construction so you will be seeing some changes from time to time over the next few weeks.  We are adding more features, stand alone pages and more.  You will notice that we now have two sidebars.  There is some very good information contained there and is one reason we chose to go to a new format.  

Construction works at a prefabricated houseImage via Wikipedia
We hope you enjoy the new look.  Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.
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    Acosta originally tried to get into the Obama administration's Making Home Affordable program, which the White House launched a year ago to alleviate the foreclosure crisis. The program was supposed to help 3 million to 4 million borrowers.

    Her next loan, if it materializes, will come through a different program. Bank of America developed this one to settle a lawsuit with Florida and 10 other states over abusive lending practices by Countrywide, a lender Bank of America absorbed in 2008. Bank of America also agreed to pay more than $8 billion in penalties as part of that settlement.

    But very little is settled for Acosta, even with the promise of another loan modification. "Why should I believe what they say?" she asked. "They haven't done anything for me in all this time."

    Here's a retired, disabled woman who has trouble breathing, saying she can't sleep because of her mortgage.

  2. Timmy Must Be Fired, Or Obama Must Be Impeached

    So we have the company intentionally avoiding public disclosure of "a
    material event." Securities laws are supposed to prevent this sort of
    thing - if they're enforced.

    Did FRBNY know of this? It sure looks that way:

    The FRBNY was aware that Lehman viewed the PDCF not only as a
    liquidity backstop for financing quality assets, but also as a means
    to finance its illiquid assets.

    But wait a second - that's not what the PDCF was intended to be. So
    here's a clear statement that FRBNY knew that Lehman (and perhaps
    others) were in fact gaming the system and yet they did nothing about

    Who ran FRBNY at the time? None other than Tim Geithner.

  3. Bay Area stem cell researchers are hitting a bureaucratic wall.

    They thought the Obama administration would free-up federal funding for research, but now they say restrictions are actually tighter than ever and that could mean thousands of hours of work and millions of dollars in funding will be wasted.