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November 18, 2010

Barack Obama: The Federal Reserve is Laundering Money

 Well done, amusing and informative in an easy to understand way.  Why printing more money, now called "quantitative easing" is really a way of laundering money.  Watch and listen.


  1. keep shooting hoops while this stuff is happening...good use of your time!

    CitiMortgage – Family w/ Autistic Daughter, Father with Alzheimers, Homeless Despite Making Payments

    They made 11 trial payments on time, sent in paperwork as requested and stayed in close touch with Citi.

  2. we need to realize that this system needs to be crushed. The internet has offered me such a different view on life. From the creators of this page to Julian Assange, you are true to teachers and I thank you for your efforts.

    We are all steared to be motivated for the wrong reasons, and I do not want to stand for it.

    Join me on my blog, and we can try to stir up the pot!

  3. Janet Tavakoli: CSpan, MUST-WATCH

  4. Here's the deal. This financial crisis is like Shrek's onion. As you peel back layer after layer of sleaze, you find that the whole damn thing is fraud. We are talking about tens of trillions of dollars of it. Tens of thousands of individuals were involved. It was thorough. It was blatant. It was even transparent, right under the noses of regulators and supervisors. It was normal business practice. It never had any fear of prosecution or punishment. Even today, it taunts the impotent administration, daring President Obama to do anything.

    And it expects to win. The fraudsters have Congress in their back pocket and plan to rush through legislation to validate ex post all of their illegal activity. It is almost a foregone conclusion that Congress will pass a law early next year to legalize everything MERS and the big banks did -- lending fraud, recording fraud, tax fraud, securities fraud, and foreclosure fraud. There will be no rule of law to protect private property in the United States. Wall Street can claim any property it wants -- no proof required. That is what President Bush meant when he proclaimed a new "Ownership Society" -- as I wrote back in 2005. The plan all along was to put the bottom four deciles of Americans into permanent indebtedness while the top fraction of one percent would transfer ownership of everything to itself. So far, President Obama has stuck with the program -- overseeing the greatest wealth transfer in human history.

  5. Subpoena Everything!

    The Democratic House should use its final weeks to demand every single document about the bank bailouts.

    These central figures have been given a free pass about the events surrounding one of the largest, most secret wealth transfers in history. The lines of inquiry are obvious, and the information provided by the release of this data will be fascinating.

    Do not forget: Virtually all the major players who brought us into the crisis are still there: the government officials, the CEOs, the investment bankers. The permanent plutocracy has survived unscathed. At a minimum, American citizens are entitled to know what happened.